The simplest and most portable way to enjoy Friend Leaf. The same super flavorful, organic, sun-grown hemp flower we jar up is what fills these pre-rolls. We hand select the buds that go into each joint, no trim or shake. Packed in a portable glass container, our prerolls are ready when you are.


Each joint contains 2/3 of a gram of pure hemp flower. One order comes with 3 prerolls, totalling 2 grams of flower.

3 Prerolls - Special Sauce

  • This strain’s name says it all. Our Special Sauce boasts both USDA Organic and Sun+Earth Certifications. With an emphasis on rich living soils, superior hemp genetics, and socially responsible farming practices - we couldn’t be more excited to share this special strain with you. Special Sauce delivers a piney and hoppy aroma with a subtle undertone of rich chocolate. Rest easy with Special Sauce.

  • This Special Sauce strain is ideal for when you’re seeking rest and relaxation thanks to its high levels of β-myrcene and ɑ-bisabolol. Wonderful as a nightcap or end of day de-stressor, we found this strain delivers clear physical and mental relaxation. Special Sauce helps you wind down and prepare for a calming, restful evening.

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