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3 Prerolls - Sour Space Candy

The simplest and most portable way to enjoy Friend Leaf. The same super flavorful, organic, sun-grown hemp flower we jar up is what fills these pre-rolls. We hand select the buds that go into each joint, no trim or shake. Packed in a portable glass container, our prerolls are ready when you are.


Each joint contains 2/3 of a gram of pure hemp flower. One order comes with 3 prerolls, totalling 2 grams of flower.

3 Prerolls - Sour Space Candy

$26.00 Regular Price
$19.76Sale Price
  • Our certified organic Sour Space Candy is truly out of this world. Grown with love in the rich soils of Southern Oregon, this strain is some of the cleanest and most sustainably grown organic hemp in the industry; utilizing practices that include regenerative farming, companion crops, crop rotations, and fermented Korean Natural Farming nutrients. Sour Space Candy has a unique flavor profile tasting of apple with notes of lemongrass from the presence of β-myrcene. This is nicely offset by a mild pepper flavor provided by the concentration of the terpene ɑ-pinene.

  • Best for when you need to relax and unwind while maintaining mental clarity. You can expect to experience a mind-body balance of euphoria and deep physical relaxation. We have found this strain to have powerful calming physical effects that will leave you feeling nice and cozy, while still remaining mentally sharp.

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