3.5 grams of organic, sun-grown, sustainably-farmed, high-CBD hemp flower. We hand-select each and every bud to make sure only the best make the cut.


Each jar contains either 1/8th ounce (3.5 grams) or 1/4 ounce (7.0 grams) of pure hemp flower.

Lifter - Flower by Weight

  • Get elevated with our USDA Organic, Sun+Earth Certified Lifter. Proudly grown in Oregon’s Illinois River Valley, this ideal farming environment gives these hemp plants their distinctive characteristics and is a key component to what made this flower stand out. Meticulous farming practices such as utilizing cover crops, anaerobically fermented nutrients, utilizing indigenous microorganisms, and other sustainable methods produce a flower that is pure, potent, and tasty. When you break open these buds you are hit with a subtle sweetness in aroma with flavors of citrus and hints of spice.

  • For a sense of focus, mental stimulation, and good vibes reach for our organic Lifter at any time of day. The mix of ɑ-pinene, limonene, and the cannabinoids found in our Lifter help impart a clear-minded, uplifting, and energized feeling.

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