The simplest and most portable way to enjoy Friend Leaf. The same super flavorful, organic, sun-grown hemp flower we jar up is what fills these pre-rolls. We hand select the buds that go into each joint, no trim or shake. Packed in a portable glass container, our prerolls are ready when you are.


Each joint contains 2/3 of a gram of pure hemp flower. One order comes with 3 prerolls, totalling 2 grams of flower.

3 Prerolls - Kush Hemp

  • Lovingly grown in Northern Oregon using regenerative farming techniques, this strain is DEM Pure Certified. Practices like regenerative farming, integrating companion crops, and using fermented Korean Natural Farming nutrients help make this some of the cleanest and most sustainable organic hemp in the industry. This strain of Kush Hemp has a terpene profile consisting strongly of β-caryophyllene and α-humulene, giving it a peppery top note with hoppy, gas, and citrus undertones. 

  • This indica-dominant hemp strain is great as an end of day de-stresser. Perfect for relaxing and chilling. 

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