The simplest and most portable way to enjoy Friend Leaf. The same super flavorful, organic, sun-grown hemp flower we jar up is what fills these pre-rolls. We hand select the buds that go into each joint, no trim or shake. Packed in a portable glass container, our prerolls are ready when you are.


Each joint contains 2/3 of a gram of pure hemp flower. One order comes with 3 prerolls, totalling 2 grams of flower.

3 Prerolls - Bubba Kush

  • This organic flower delivers sweet lemony flavors with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee that come through on your exhale. This is a wonderful strain to use throughout the day, in social settings, or if you're looking to take the edge off. With a terpene profile most dominant with β-caryophyllene and limonene you get a wonderful bouquet of citrus and skunk every time you crack this flower open.

  • Big Bubba Kush is here to ease your mind. The effects of this strain make it ideal to be consumed anytime you're looking for some anxiety or stress relief. From head to toe, your muscles will find ease as a dreamy euphoria blankets you, crushing aches and pains while bringing happy moods.

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